Recruiting extraordinary talent needs the right processes, people and technology, but above the all – the right mindset 

Recruiting extraordinary talent needs the right processes, people and technology, but above the all – the right mindset 

Having been in the industry for many years, we are able to consult on a broad range of resourcing challenges. So to give you an idea of our consulting services please read on. Or if you’d rather pick up the phone and have a chat, then we’d love to hear from you! 

Give everybody the same opportunities and the same chances to get to the starting line. 

We’ll look at how you are portrayed in the marketplace by different groups in society, your sourcing and pipelining activities, your routes to market and how you communicate with your audiences 

When nurturing talent, you can’t beat the human touch 

Recruitment is a people business but sometimes there are too many hoops to jump through or not enough of the personal touch. We help you remove the unconscious bias whilst maintaining the human touch so your approach is objective, fair and engaging 

Hire extraordinary people and help them feel welcome 

We’ll focus on how you engage and communicate with your new starters as well as looking at preparation for day 1 - so they can be the best version of themselves from the get-go 
Team Effectiveness 

Help your talent finding the talent be the best they can be. 

Your resourcing team are doing a great job but you know there are improvements to be made in how they work. Or your costs are spiralling out of control and you need to bring in some expertise that can build direct routes to market. We will take the team from good to great. 

Data provides the logic so the decisions you make are the right ones 

You may have a tracking system but still working off spreadsheets. Or you’re working in the dark when it comes to data on activity, outputs, performance and trends. We can help you understand the baselines , report on key measurables and identify what’s working well and what needs improving 

A technology stack that helps, not hinders, your resourcing experience 

In a world where there is a new technology solution on the market every week it can feel like a kid in a sweetie shop at times. We can review any technology that you have ,what benefits you are getting and what would add real value to your business. Or if you need to move away from those manual trackers we can advise on the best solution to meet your needs 

Attract Extraordinary, Recruit Differently, Engage Inclusively... 

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